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Healing the Bruises

Established in 2006, Healing the Bruises, is a counselling and support program for child witnesses of violence in the home. The Healing the Bruises program provides immediate trauma processing, supportive counselling and de-briefing for children as they explore their feelings surrounding the violence they have witnessed in their family.

The program provides:

  • modified play and art therapy,
  • toddler check-ins,
  • one-on-one counselling for school aged children
  • STRAIGHTtalk for tweens and teens,
  • Auricular acupuncture for both children and mothers
  • workshops for mothers
  • parental support.

In addition, our dedicated child/youth counsellor advocates in schools and other agencies involved with each family to ensure the right service is being provided to the right child at the right time.

Healing the Bruises was selected to be presented at the 2011 International Conference on Domestic Violence in Montreal.  It was the only Canadian abstract selected concerning counselling services for child victims of domestic abuse.

Click here for the: Healing the Bruises Brochure


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