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Our programs and services are developed and facilitated to support women and children in their recovery from domestic abuse.  All counselling is woman centred and focused on the immediate holistic needs of each family. 

We meet the needs of our families by:

  • Providing safe, non-judgmental housing for women, with or without children, leaving abusive situations that have identified their own need for on-going support and counseling.
  • Assisting women increase their sense of well-being and self-sufficiency.
  • Providing women and children the support and counseling needed to recover from the effects of abuse and trauma.
  • Decreasing  the chance that women and children will return to abusive households.
  • Ensuring that women and children feel safe and no longer live in abusive environments.
  • Sharing the opportunity for women to develop increased positive coping skills, enabling them to deal with a variety of personal issues and become aware of the cycle of abuse.
  • Providing women with safe, affordable housing so that they do not have to make the difficult decision between remaining in abusive relationships or becoming homeless.
  • Ensuring that children have the opportunity to heal from trauma in a safe environment with emotional support.


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