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Healing the Bruises

Through the Eyes of a Child

Alice Housing has endeavoured on an ambitious project to produce an age appropriate, visually appealing “storybook” of a child’s experience of living in a violent home, the process of leaving that home for safety, and the journey of healing through therapeutic and basic necessity interventions in the form of safe housing, individual counselling and structured groups. Our story book will explore the forms of abuse, feelings and behaviours often associated with a child witnessing and experiencing abuse, safety planning from a child’s perspective and eventual recovery.

Alice Housing

This foreword was written by Canadian Recording Artist and Writer

Jann Arden

“It is not very often that children are able to glimpse into the heart of their own pain and their own fears and somehow become comforted knowing that there is indeed a light at the end of their long dark tunnel and they are not alone in their experiences. Lori Morgan’s touching and insightful book dealing with domestic abuse is an anthem of sorts, giving voice to those who otherwise find themselves without one. Beautiful illustrations along with the straight forward text allow the child and the parent to relate to the entire story, like an ode to wellness and renewal.

If you know someone young or old struggling with abuse issues, this little book will lift and enlighten.”

Alice Housing

We Know that…

  • Since 2006, 379 children have assessed our services with their mothers. Only 2 children have told a teacher about the abuse at home.
  • Children tend to share their experiences with their closest friends thus spread the secrecy and trauma to other children who are often sworn to secrecy and do not want to betray their friends.
  • This book contains useful information for teachers, parents, administrators and all professionals involved with families in our communities.
  • The book is unique to our province.
Alice Housing


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